Blog Update

Blog Update

30th July 2021

You may have noticed that my Blog menu was getting a bit big and untidy.  So I asked my Web Designers Turboweb to streamline it and make it more workable.  So they've added a proper Blog page, and a Newsletter page as well.  It works well, but I now need to transfer all the content across to the new pages.

So bear with me as I do this.  It's take a bit of time, as I'm sure you know, and several cups of coffee!  As I do this, it's fun to read over the last months of my life, and realise just what a special time it has been.  

Thanks you all for following along with me, and I hope to take you with me into new and exciting journeys, artistic or otherwise!

In the meantime, you could always go to my Instagram or Facebook pages, the old posts are still all there.