May 2022

May 2022

26th May 2022

What a long lead up to winter it seems we’ve had.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the last of the summer days and have not been hit too hard with this wintery storm the country has just had.  To counter that, let me bring a little colour to you. A range of options from fine art pieces to grace your walls, or a small piece of autumn colour to bring joy in the cooler months.

My solo exhibition week at the Otago Art Society back in March was a success.  It’s always exciting for me to see the work all together in a gallery setting.  Especially great as there were a couple of sales. 

So, after a very busy March, and struggling for a while to get a bit of direction again, I’m now developing a new series of contemporary autumn leaf paintings (see the article further on).

.And now it’s really cool for me to sit down and bring this newsletter together for you.


“Anything But” Exhibition - Otago Art Society

How cool is this exhibition - well for me anyway. Otago Art Society’s next exhibition is “Anything But Painting”. And I get to pop five works in. Running from now till the 11th June at the Dunedin Railway Station, it’s going to be exciting to see what’s on exhibit. 

“Anything But” caters for pottery, ceramics, jewellery, collage, textiles, digital and photography. There may even be something else I can’t think of night now, but we’ll have to go along and have a look. 

So, I’ve got five pieces entered. They are:

"Remembrance" (Frame size 470mm x 590mm)
"Remembrance" (Frame size 470mm x 590mm)
"Serenity" (Frame size 470mm x 590mm)
"Serenity" (Frame size 470mm x 590mm)
"Ben Ohau" (LE) (Frame size 630mm x 440mm)
"Ben Ohau" (LE) (Frame size 630mm x 440mm)
"Ida Range" (Frame size 770mm x 350mm)
"Ida Range" (Frame size 770mm x 350mm)
"Thru the Looking Glass" (LE) (Frame zies 445mm x 620mm)
"Thru the Looking Glass" (LE) (Frame zies 445mm x 620mm)

All are available for sale from the Otago Art Society. However, if you wanted a different size to suit your place, just let me know and I can print to size.

My Newest Gallery

Have you checked out my newest gallery yet? The “Sunshine and Earth Magic” gallery contains 9 images celebrating our garden heroes as they evolve over the summer months.

Some like the tulip or the rose shout at the top of their stems “look at me!” And we do, in all their rich glory.   Others are shy, like the sweet pea, and only after 3 days or more do we notice them and hear their voices.   But all are heroes of the garden, created with sunshine, a bit of earth magic, and the love of the gardener that tends them. 

Visit the gallery Sunshine and Earth Magic Gallery to share in my garden. All are available for purchase either as a print only, or framed. 

There are 8 already framed prints available for purchase now (sized 470mm x 590mm) and each print comes fitted with special glass. Yes that’s right. Framed with a plain black frame, they all have special “Artglass™”. It’s a glass that is chosen by the finest museums around the world and is premium anti-reflective glass. 

With the intense black background of the “Sunshine and Earth Magic” series, these show up reflections much more than other more colourful (or white) backgrounds, so I try to use this special “Artglass™” where possible. It’s a bit more expensive but I think well worth the investment, especially when you see it up on the wall. So if you purchase one of my “Sunshine and Earth Magic” series from me, they will get this special treatment. 


I love autumn. It’s my favourite season. Even down to the first few nights of needing the fire going. It gives such a cosy atmosphere to a house with our 3 cats curled up in their respective spots, nice and cosy. 

And the leaves. Oh the colours and shapes of the autumn leaves. I can’t get enough of them.  And I’m learning that the trees are different each year.  Last year it was the Smoke tree, but this year it’s the red maple that is simply divine.I’ve got so many of its leaves pressed in my books now.

And this has led me to a new, more contemporary design with the leaves.  Hence “Autumn’s Rainbows 2022”.

Capturing that beautiful Indigo blue that you get in the sky with the last of the light, and the silvery moon on a clear still night. These are the first 3 that have been finished, all sized 6” x 8” and available now.

And I’m happy to say that the middle canvas has already sold, with another one that I haven’t quite finished yet sold as well.  There are another 7 canvases in various stages of development.  So email me directly at if you’re interested.

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