Autumn Reflections - June 2021

Autumn Reflections - June 2021

8th June 2021

Welcome to my first ever personal, artistic journey Newsletter!  I’m really excited to be sharing with you my artistic journey this year,  There has been a lot of work involved, every step has been full of meeting new people, learning and fun, and I look forward to the coming months with a sense of anticipation.  You never know who and what wonders are just around the corner.

Creating this newsletter takes me back to days long past, where I used to write and produce the monthly newsletter for camera clubs!  Thoroughly enjoyed the process and if I dig deep enough in my archives, I might even have a few of those old ‘paper’ newsletters. 

I hope you enjoy the read.

Thanks to My Exhibition Visitors

I just want to say a quick ‘Thank You’ to all those who came in to the Otago Art Society galleries at the Dunedin Railway Station in April, and saw my exhibition, along with the “Meow” exhibition hosted by the Art Society.  It was wonderful to meet you, and have a chat with some really interesting conversations on photography in general. I hope my exhibition gave you a smile and uplifted your day just a little. It was a great week for me, talking to people, introducing them to my work and hearing about your own journeys. Many North Islanders were taking a break and travelling around our awesome South Island, so it was great to hear wonderful stories of how Autumn was looking over in Central Otago.

Autumn’s Rainbows

A new project and web page.

Instagram Blog - Monday 10th May 2021

A new gallery page for my website. Exciting! For me anyway, and hopefully for you too!

I think of myself as a photographer who feels the call of the paintbrush sometimes. I have dabbled with painting in the past with moderate success. And even now, when I’m focused mainly on my creative photography, having the luxury of time and energy to branch out a little further, I feel the lure of the paintbrush sometimes.

So, I’m pleased to have launched a new page on my website “Autumn’s Rainbows”. It’s a little series I’ve started that take the offerings of nature - autumn leaves - and incorporates them into paintings.

Read more here

Or go straight to the web page here

Image Accepted for National Exhibition

What’s been happening during May?

Autumn arrived in full swing, with its wonderful array of colour and it’s been a time of reset and review.  The fire has been lit, and our 3 girls (cats Misty, Pippa and Callie) have stayed closer to home, savouring the warmth from the fire.  Mulled wine was brewed and a few cosy couch evenings have been had.

Time to think about some new work, adding different directions and picking up the paintbrush a little bit. 

Two New Works

It was a grey, rainy day, the kind that makes you want to hunker down with the fire on as winter closes in.  Took the opportunity to play around with some older shots, taken when spring was in full bloom.  Result – two new works.

Both are Limited Edition prints, available for purchase from my website’s “New Releases Gallery” 

Revival of the Paintbrush

As mentioned above, I’m a photographer first and foremost, but occasionally the lure of the paintbrush appeals again. And, with Autumn in full swing, the inspiration has been from my leaves. 14 leaf paintings were finished and I now have 10 more on the go, in various stages.

So, May heralded the arrival of the “Autumn’s Rainbows” series.

Check out the web page here. And keep an eye out in my Blog for the finished mementos of Autumn when they appear.

Inspirational Quotes

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”


Well, I decided I was an Artist.  Photographic first, but artist overall. So that’s who I’m striving to be.

Which reminds me of our awesome macramé wall hanging art piece by local Dunedin artist Karla Dunn, of “The Good Fibre”.  Entitled “Strive” it’s all about “evoking a sense of determination and endurance, don’t quit, no matter how small the step is, keep moving forward”. And that just resonates so much with my journey this year.

I hope that you too are enjoying the journey of becoming the person you have decided to be.

Check out her Facebook site here


How does an image evolve?

My creative process is intuitive.  The image tells me what it needs.  I do have an idea of where the image wants to go initially when I originally made shot, but when I’m in PhotoShop, the image dictates what it wants.Sometimes, there are two very different visual personalities that appear, and I like both equally.  So when do you know when the artwork image has finally arrived?  As so wonderfully put by Danele Fabre, in her article in ‘The Art of Watercolour’ magazine – “When the beautiful balance between the whole and each of its parts is reached.  You stop when the hoped-for emotion is present.” That’s exactly how it feels for me.








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