Spring Newsletter - October 2021

Spring Newsletter - October 2021

20th October 2021



Hello again!  You may have noticed that this edition is a little bit later than my other two editions.  That’s because I’m full steam ahead into preparing for my show at The Dunedin Art Show in November 2021.  Things are going well.  I’ve had lots of work printed up, and now they just need framing etc. With the help of Cath at The Framers Room (@theframersroom) this is going to be a breeze. 






Spring is such a time of regeneration, both for nature, my garden and ourselves I find.The trees have been in huge blossom, the tuis have been active in making use of these blossoms, and our garden is looking so healthy and ready to bloom.  After my second year of nervous rose pruning, they are all looking great, leaves are thick and shiny, and I can’t wait for the flowers to arrive. 

I planted some new tulip bulbs this year, and they are in the middle of flowering.  Had so much fun taking some of the blooms and setting up my background on the back lawn to get some portrait shots of them.But now, when the second bunch are flowering, the huge spring winds that we get here have kicked in.  Although they look like they have survived.  So hopefully I’ll get a chance to get to them soon.

It’s confirmed, and will be running LIVE under Level 2 guidelines.



Work On Display

Otago Art Society Shop, Dunedin Railway Station


Both are Open Edition prints, printed on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 308 smooth cotton rag Fine Art paper, using Epson archival pigment inks. This gives the wonderfully rich colours, in a print that is made to last. Check out the images on my website www.jbphotoart.co.nz in the Vintage Floral Gallery and the Vintage Series Gallery.

These framed prints are now available for purchase, just email me at: Jennifer@JBPhotoArt.co.nz if you’d like to purchase.

Sizes are:

Remembered Love II420 x 594 mm$525.00
Freedom380 x 430 mm$175.00

enquire about shipping if required)

What's been happening during August/September?

"Ida Range" - Print Sold

Very happy to say that a print has been sold of the Ida Range image previewed in my last newsletter.  It has been printed a whopping 1200m long and is going to be framed and end up on an office meeting room wall. 




“Thru the Looking Glass” – Print Sold

During our last Level 4 lockdown, it was such a pleasure to be called by the Otago Art Society to be told that my print of “Thru the Looking Glass” had been purchased by a private art group just prior to Lockdown.The buyer I’m told was of Dutch origin, and resonated with the tulips. 










Having now spent 4 days in my garage, cutting mats, cutting backing boards, mounting prints and popping them into their frames, I have a much healthier respect for framers! They do a marvellous job, as it’s not easy. There is lots of measuring things 3 times before you cut, and as you cut, you cross your fingers that your cut is straight and deep. I did fluff one mat - I have yet to recut that one! But with patience, and learning (I now have brand new, super sharp blades), I now have 6 framed prints and 3 matted ones, completely bubble wrapped and waiting for The Dunedin Art Show next month. Along with the 10 already adorning our walls, not a bad effort so far. Still a few to go. Nice that all the days I’ve been in the garage the weather has been a bit awful so I don’t feel as if I’m losing time with my flowers, which are begging to be photographed.


New Works


Released Thursday 26th August 2021

Hope and beauty. Pause and breathe. Quiet stillness. Nature’s way of showing us that this phase in our lives will pass. It’s spring. A time of rebirth, when the cycle of life is renewed. Have patience and be calm, enjoy the pause in our normally hectic lives to touch base with the earth and family again. Our ‘norm’ will return and when it does, you will feel restored, more grounded and ready for the challenges it brings.

Went back to the camera today. This is my first, and so far only, tulip to flower.   Read More Here

Limited Edition print, available for purchase from my website’s “New Releases Gallery” 

October 2021

I was volunteering at the Otago Art Society shop on the 13th October and it was great to see they had made a little display of my Autumn’s Rainbows paintings.  Celebrating the amazing colours that we see in Autumn.  Each painting uses real leaves from the trees in our garden, enclosed in artist’s gel. Sizes range from 6x8 inches, 6x6 inches to 4x4 inches.  To see more designs available see my website.  Prices range from $20 to $40.  Perfect for that extra little Christmas gift. 

Autumn’s Rainbows web page here

Display at Dunedin Art Show

Inspirational Quotes

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”       Picaso

In troubled times we all need a bit of a lift, so surround yourself with art that you love.  Art that makes you feel joy, happiness and leaves you refreshed.  We may live in a world now where many things are beyond our control and not always pleasant, but we can control our own immediate environment – with Art.  So brush away the dust of life, and pop some art on your walls, that reminds you that, actually, we do live in an extraordinarily beautiful natural world.

So what Art you be looking at on next? Try here for some suggestions, and moments of joy.

“Windswept” Limited Edition print, available for purchase from my website’s “Contemporary Gallery” 

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