Cory Trepanier - RIP

Cory Trepanier - RIP

11th November 2021

As much as today has been a wonderful day, weather great, garden great, picked up some new prints from my printer (great!!) and picked up some new greeting cards, there has been a shadow over the day for me.

Woke to the news that Cory Trepanier had passed away due to the cancer he was fighting. For those of you who don’t know Cory, he was a Canadian landscape painter and filmmaker that I have followed for probably about 15 years now. He was taken from us way to soon, and will be sorely missed.

I came to know his work when I stumbled over a documentary on Sky TV one day about 15 years ago, his film “Into the Arctic”. He documented his travels up into the remote Canadian arctic, where he hiked for days into the arctic wilderness, and carried a full oil painting kit with him, to record plein air the exceptional beauty of the landscape. By his paintings and his films, of which I have 4 on DVD, his aim was to share this wonderful part of the world that only a few ever get to see, with a view to helping protect this wilderness. Check out his website:

I have a love of ice, and snow, and mountains, and all things arctic, so when I came across Cory’s work, I was mesmerised, and have followed him ever since. It was a sad morning for me today, to hear that one of the greats is no longer. Rest easy Cory, and all our thoughts and condolences to his family.

I share a couple of pics, in tribute to Cory.