Exhibition Update - 16th April

Exhibition Update - 16th April

16th April 2021

Been a great week so far talking to people at my exhibition, introducing them to my work and hearing about their own journeys. Many North Islanders taking a break and travelling around our awesome South Island. Autumn is in full swing right now and hearing wonderful stories of how it’s looking over in Central Otago right now.

Some great comments on my work (thank you ) and some really interesting conversations on photography in general. Couple of close friends I didn’t expect to see dropped by too. Very, very cool.

I’m here till Sunday afternoon, then the great pack down happens.

Managing to get some more leaf paintings done, with great interest from everyone that I use real leaves. Yep, they all come from our own trees in our garden. Every one of them drops all their leaves in glorious autumn colours. So I take their offerings and create new artworks giving them a second life.