New Gallery - "Autumn's Rainbows"

New Gallery - "Autumn's Rainbows"

10th May 2021

A new gallery for my website. Exciting! For me anyway, and hopefully for you too!

I think of myself as a photographer who feels the call of the paintbrush sometimes. I have dabbled with painting in the past with moderate success. And even now, when I’m focused mainly on my photography, having the luxury of time and energy to branch out further, I feel the lure of the paintbrush again.

So, I’m pleased to launch a new page on my website “Autumn’s Rainbows”. It’s a little series I’ve started that take the offerings of nature - autumn leaves - and incorporates them into paintings.

Autumn is my favourite season and each leaf for me is a little moment of pure joy. The vibrant colours, the texture of the leaf and the patterns that are created are so deliciously fantastic to me. We are so fortunate that every tree at our wonderful house in Outram sheds their leaves each year in the most dazzling display. So I collect. And I collect. And then I collect some more. Every book on our library shelves is full of drying autumn leaves. So much so I’m running out of books to fill. And then I include them in the painting, seal them up with some clear acrylic gel and their brilliance is captured for eternity.

The paintings are currently on display for sale at Country Trader Crafts in the main street of Outram. (Country Trader Crafts Outram | Facebook). And the web page can be found in the Galleries section here.